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Felipe Rodrigues

Vapormaze Cover Image

vapormaze is a roguelike first-person shooter in a vaporwave maze. To escape, you have to carefully manage your ammo, health, items and upgrades. All while shooting and blowing up bad robots. Death is permanent. Can you escape?...Learn More


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“Elmarion: Time of the Dragon” is an RPG game, the main character of which is the dragon! The player will find many adventures and tasks, controlling not a human character, as in most RPGs, but a flying fire-breathing dragon. Aim of the game: to repel the invasion of the undead...Learn More

Elmarion:Dragon time Cover Image


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The DonnerWald Experiment Cover Image


Wegenbartho Games

A fantasy RPG about nightmares, machines and self discovery. Johanna was once a brilliant construct artificer who created all kinds of machines and automatons. But three years ago she lost her ability to dream and all her creativity during a nightmare. Since then, she was trying her best to get back to her old self.

Being unable to do what she loved most felt like a hole in her heart...Learn More


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Team Puh

Bombing Quest is a single player bomberman fantasy RPG, where the ancient machines of a civilization long gone, awaken you as the last protector of a mysterious ark.

Dive deep into the mists, blasting your way through hordes of fierce foes and unravel the reason for your
...Learn More

Bombing Quest Cover Image


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